Below is a chart showing my current pricing for charcoal portraits painted from your photo. I only use professional, archival materials insuring that you will receive the best quality work of art possible. To receive a quote for any other commissioned work of art, please email me at with your request.


Size Source Paper Recommended Frame Size One Two Add Max # Giclee Prints
8×10 9×12 Strathmore 500 11×14 $250 N/A N/A 1 $45 first $30 each add.
11×14 12×18 Strathmore 500 16×20 $275 $325 N/A 2 $55 first $35 each add.
16×20 18×24 Strathmore 500 20×24 $300 $350 $75 4 $85 first $55 each add.
16×20 16×20 Canson Board 20×24 $320 $370 $75 4 $85 first $55 each add.
20×30 20×30 Canson Board 24×36 $350 $425 $100 6 $130 first $85 each add.

Size – The base size of the portrait, this may or may not depending on the paper/board used.

Source Paper – The the type of paper used.

Recommended Frame Size – The size of frame I recommend for framing your art work taking into consideration the size of the art work and a reasonable matte.

Subjects – The pricing of the art work based on the size and number of subjects. Columns One and Two display the pricing for one or two subjects respectively. Column Add is the price for each additional subject beyond 2. Column Max # is the maximum subjects allowed based on the size of the art work.

Giclee Prints – These are archival quality prints made from the original art work. They may be ordered along with your portrait or at any time after you purchase your portrait. The first print includes a one-time only setup fee, additional prints are available at a lower price. You may order additional prints of your portrait at any time and as often as you desire. Discounts are available on orders of 10 or more prints. Pricing for prints may change without notice.


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